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#4873 Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

Posted by Cablguy184 on 28 November 2018 - 01:15 AM

Nice update.

Thank You Sir. Trying to get back in the game !!!



OK. Working with a couple of mixed drinks, a measuring tape, a couple of test dummies, and some VERY well recorded music ...

I have completely reset the angles of the tweeters.

Both were raised up over the hump of the dash and repositioned more on Axis.

Not necessarily directly to the driver, more like the driver's side tweeter to the passenger's ear and the passenger's tweeter to the driver's ear.







Amazing difference !!! The stage and Image is VERY pronounce !!! Deep onto the hood and beyond the vehicle's side mirrors where everything should be !!!

I had a question if raising the tweeters would create any separation between the tweets and door mid drivers, but I have not heard anything anywhere close to separation.

Thank God this is not the case with this application.


After the new year when I get time, Plans are to remove the A-Pillars and have them fiber glassed.

Hopefully after that, I can get back to work on the doors for proper treatment. For now, I simply just don't have time to work on this.

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